sugru – hack things better

What is it?

sugru is an exciting new self-setting rubber that can be formed by hand. It moulds like play-dough, bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight.

Developed by a team of product designers and material scientists, sugru’s patented technology is unique in its combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay, and it’s that easy to use too. Once cured, its durable properties mean it’s comfortable in extreme environments from the dishwasher to the ocean in Antarctica.

Stuff you can hack/fix/improve with it
Stuff you can hack/fix/improve with it. Collage by

How it happened

Jane says:

While studying for my MA in Product Design (read ‘playing and experimenting with materials’) at the RCA in London, I had a bit of an idea:

“I don’t want to buy new stuff all the time. I want to hack the stuff I already have so it works better for me.”

(I didn’t really say it out loud. I just thought it.) If I’m honest, the first version of sugru was pretty horrible — made from smelly silicone caulk and waste wood dust from the wood workshop. But it helped me hack my kitchen sink plug bigger, and make a knife more comfortable.

Ten years, much struggle and many iterations later, sugru is an award-winning product sold the world over.