RepRap – a self-replicating open source 3D printer


Well, it’ll print the plastic bits anyway, and they are the hard bit in my book. Why is that the hard bit? Because I don’t have a 3D printer – that’s why! So, what I need is to find someone who has a RepRap (Replicating Rapid-prototyping machine) who will print the bits for me so I can build one. Otherwise I might just buy a kit of the printed parts for about £100 from one of the people on this list of vendors like eMaker in the UK.

The RepRapPro Huxley model
The RepRapPro Huxley model.

OK, but which one?

There are a number of popular designs, but the RepRapPro Huxley looks like a good starter kit. It can print things up to 140mm x 140mm x 110mm (the build volume) and I can just picture it on it’s own stand in my shed. Full instructions for building this model are available on eMaker and the full kit is available from RepRapPro Ltd for under £400. This is beginning to look like a serious project!

And what exactly will you use it for when it’s built?

Well as it happens I have exactly the project to use it on. I need custom cases for both the emonTX board and the NanodeRF Base Station for my Open Energy Monitor setup. Especially if I am going to start offering these open source hardware and software products in pre-built, pre-programmed form. So there!