AirPi – an award winning project

What is it?

AirPi is an open-source weather and pollution monitoring system, with the ability to record and stream data. Its a shield for the Raspberry Pi capable of recording data about the air quality and current weather conditions, coupled with code to upload its recordings to the internet in real time. Including the Pi, it comes in at £55: tens of times cheaper than equivalent off-the-shelf equipment.

The AirPi
The AirPi

Who developed it?

It was developed by Alyssa Dayan and Tom Hartley, a pair of sixth formers from Westminster School in London. AirPi won the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi competition earlier this year, where entries had to “make the world a better place”

What Next?

After many requests for a kit, they’ve started a fundraiser on Tindie (sort of like a Kickstarter, but especially for electronics). If you’re interested in ordering a kit to measure temperature, humidity, UV, NO2, CO, light and air pressure for £55, then you can go to this page – they’ll be shipping them out in late September.